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Learning to love my curves….

Learning how to live within my new body…learning how to embrace my new curves. I understand that my weight does not define me, but I have to admit it’s frustrating to me when I try to get dressed for work, realize many of my clothes do not fit me. Up until my late 30s, I was never more than 110 lbs and at 5’2″ – I was okay with my body image.

The past few years have been filled with stress for me…divorce, unemployment, being laid off twice, taking care of my sick, elderly parents, dealing with the loss of my pet…I guess the weight gain was a gradual thing….but it wasn’t until a car accident this past January found me in active and home yet again…and NOW, I am 35 lbs heavier. No wonder none of my clothes fit me!!

Now that my bones have healed – I am on a mission…more walking, hiking, join a gym perhaps…

Many of my friends tell me I look great…but I don’t feel great. I am quickly learning that I have to focus on the following in my attempts to achieve a healthier life:

– Sleep more
– Stress less
– Throw out the medications I no longer need from my accident (steroids, pain meds, etc.)
– Regular exercise

Unfortunately, I still need to take my high blood pressure medicine – but it is important to remember that a few extra pounds may be well worth the trade-off for a healthy life as well. Also, something else I need to accept is that I am reaching that age where menopause is a reality. I am coming to terms with the fact that with aging comes a natural slowing of metabolism. At the same time, hormonal changes can trigger hunger, depression, and poor sleep. Such a cycle…

So in the meantime, I will live my life to the fullest…

“She began to measure herself in contentment and laughter rather than in inches and pounds.”

In the words of Miranda Lambert, “I won’t give up what I enjoy to look perfect. I want to find a happy medium between feeling good about my body and still having a beer and some barbecue.” ♥

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