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Makings of a Perfect Day…

I just got home after experiencing an almost perfect day!  Almost because it had to end…and I didn’t get to share the blue moon.  Thank you my Montville friend.

Avon by the Sea…


Beach chairs


Orange Juice



Walk on the water

Yelled at by the rocks

House hunting

Day dreaming


Scallops and bacon

Great easy conversation

A bright sunny day

Gentle breeze

Blowing in from the ocean

I can’t imagine

A more perfect day…

All the senses heightened…almost perfect day… ♥

Felt the wind upon my face
We got to the spot and the sun was hot
Everybody was feelin’ fine
So we jumped on in for a midday swim and we lost all track of time

It was the perfect day
What I’d give if I could find a way to stay
lost in this moment now
Ain’t worried about tomorrow when you’re busy living in a perfect day.



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