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Being harrassed at work?!

One of my young co-workers is either extraordinarily (and conveniently) clumsy or else he is an amateur predator. Four times now (most recently this morning), one of my co-workers has managed to place his hands on my butt. Each time, he says “Whoops” and apologizes for accidentally bumping me. (It feels more like a touch than a bump). It has happened in the supply room, the elevator and twice in the break room. From the way he smiles when he apologizes, I think he might be doing it on purpose. Harassed much?! *sigh* Curses!

It sounds like a classic case of “hit and run” unwanted touching. I don’t know how to make him stop.

I don’t blame myself – It is not a crime to have an irresistible rear end and it is not an invitation for a grabbing. The touchy colleague needs to send his inner junior-high self to detention and let his inner adult be the one who shows up at work.

I am tired of these jerks at work. I have been enduring this type of nonsense since I started working in investment banking many eons ago. TIRED, I swear though these young guys get more brazen.

What is a lady to do? Get fired most likely for speaking up in this man’s sad world.


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