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Am I lovable…

I am okay alone. But sometimes, especially with Valentine’s day fast approaching, and watching Hallmark’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day, has me always missing my heart more than ever. I know the only way, I will ever really find someone to love and be loved, is by putting myself out there, and trying to date and meet emotionally available men. But *sigh* I am just so tired. Tired of the fools, the endless questions, the myriad of doubts, the kissing of frogs. Tired of wondering if I am lovable. Tired of being alone, but at the same time, tired of wasting my time, investing of myself, feeding someone else’s ego; tired of waiting for a love that eludes me and never comes. I feel like when I start dating, I am a mere woman with a question mark etched on my forehead: Am I good? Am I lovable? Am I enough? Am I healthy enough to be accepted? There seems to be more questions than answers. I know, deep down inside, I am lovable. I am capable of accepting and giving love. I sit with so many thoughts, and not all of them are doubts. And those are the ones I fight to fill my head. So as I write this, I know I am lovable. I feel my potential at this very moment. I have definitely accepted too little for too long. That is changing as sure as the weather will change. In the meantime, I date myself. I pamper myself. I love myself. I cherish myself. I adore myself … with grace in my step and hope in my heart.

We are all worthy of love.  #sixwords. ♡

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