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I am reminded of the very wise comments of an old friend, trainer and business mentor who said, ‘always look for the opportunity to find the positive in what people do, then give them genuine praise and watch them glow and grow with the appreciation’.

Wednesday is training day – acronym for today’s work in training people to value and appreciate what they do and help them to glow and grow is – A.C.S.D.S.R = Always Catch Someone Doing Something Right.

When I took my current job, training others was not part of my job description.   But there was a need, a gap – and who knew, I am good at it…but sometimes it’s hard not coming across as a know-it-all.   Or worse, unintentionally ruffling someone’s feathers and making them feel stupid.  So it is a balancing act.

I try to remember that everyone does something right, you just need to look for it, let them know you value and appreciate it, and then it is much easier to address what they may have done wrong and the solution to correct it.   So today I will try to encourage everyone that is being trained or mentored to use A.C.S.D.S.R. constantly in order to enjoy the personal lift you get from doing it.

It is good to be reminded of this wonderful acronym which I know needs to be maintained as part of my daily life and not just used occasionally.  I am sure this rewarding and enjoyable part of my life will again become a positive and ongoing habit.

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