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The Taxi Driver Stalker

*sigh* What is a girl to do when she needs to call a car service but the driver begins to stalk her??!! The over friendly, neighborhood taxi driver tries to pick me up … after he picks me up … and now I feel ultra vulnerable. Where I live, there is really only one local car service, and they have all my information on record – scary. I don’t know to deal with this latest predicament. Too cold and icy to walk everywhere – so a car service is needed still. Long winter. But I can’t deal with the text messages, calls, the car at my house, waiting for me, even before I call them. This particular driver has been very nice, considerate but seriously, c’mon isn’t he taking some liberties at my expense? I don’t think its appropriate for him to use his work to contact me for personal reasons. Asking me out, or trying to kiss me is just too much. It’s creeping me out. Yes, it is. I don’t appreciate being put on the spot and feeling vulnerable alone in a car with someone who knows where I live. I guess changing my number is in the foreseeable future. *double sigh*

Where is spring?!


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