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Sad day…

“The person who completes suicide dies once.
Those left behind die a thousand deaths,
trying to relive those terrible moments
and understand…WHY?”

My heart is breaking…just learned my cousin committed suicide.  He had been depressed for years, his marriage failed, the economy affected him.  Just so sad.

The death of a loved one is never easy to experience, whether it comes without warning or after a long struggle with illness.  But several circumstances set death by suicide apart and make the process of bereavement more challenging.  I don’t even know what to say to my family, my cousins, his children, his ex-wife.  So shell shocked.

His death by suicide was sudden, violent, and so very unexpected. Having to deal with the police is an added burden now.  So many mixed emotions.  Insane.  Heartbroken.

I found a penny today just laying on the ground.
But it’s not just a penny, this little coin I’ve found.
Found pennies come from heaven,
that’s what my Grandpa told me.
Grandpa said, “Angels always toss them down.”
Oh, how I loved that story.
He said, “When an Angel misses you, they toss a penny down…
Sometimes just to cheer you up,
and make a smile out of your frown.”
So don’t pass by that penny when you’re feeling blue.
It may be a penny from heaven,
that an Angel’s tossed to you.



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