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“Receiving with love” …♥

I am so tired these days…almost feeling like I did many years ago battling leukemia and depression. Sick and tired….But these days I find myself tired and easily getting agitated, as well. I am getting old and cranky, I guess. Now on top of all that saddens me, I must find a way to deal with anger?? This shorter fuse I have these days is easily triggered by things that irritate me, so many pet peeves —from simple things like people who walk their dogs while talking on the phone to big stuff such as political/religious issues. Lately, these work day mornings, I find myself muttering under my breath, when tourists stand on both sides of the escalators in the City. Doesn’t everyone know by now that you stand to the right and walk on the left??

Tonight I watched a silly, funny movie, “Our Idiot Brother”. There is a hilarious scene in the film that resonates with me regarding rage. There is a phrase what will now become my mantra, a reminder that not everything is worth getting my panties in a bunch.

In this one funny scene, the brother’s sisters go the home of his former hippie girlfriend to retrieve his dog. His sisters are angry as is the girlfriend:

Girlfriend Janet: I am not going to stand here and be insulted on my own porch.
Sister Miranda: I’ll insult you right here [off the porch].
Janet: OK, I’m a pacifist. I don’t play that way.
Miranda: I’m gonna peace you in the side of the f*^%in’ head you don’t give us the dog.
Janet: I’m not going to receive that with anything but love. ( ♥ this)

While the sisters are right about getting the dog back, and the Janet is rather annoying in her hippie-ness, what sticks with me is the “receiving with love” part.

I’ve been practicing it all day, and just plain giggling out loud. When something starts getting to me, like not understanding how and why my upstairs neighbors can be so loud in their mere existence, I say to myself, “I am going take in their slamming of drawers with love, just love.” And it calms me. lol

Doing this seems to force a break between the event and the jump to irritation/anger, and gives my brain time to decide whether a reaction is worth it. I find most of the time it’s not. If it is worth it, I have given myself time and space to appropriately formulate a reaction that will benefit me and the situation in the end.

It seems to be helping, and I am spending more time chuckling than I am fuming. All is good….with love…♥

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