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Sundays = Pamper Me Day! ♥

I love Sundays…I have dubbed Sunday – Pamper Me day!

Sunday is my day. Sometimes I think we get caught up in the hectic happenings of the weeks and months and we forget to take time out to relax. So on Sundays, I try my hardest to do things differently. Stay in bed later than usual…in my warm cocoon. I Fluff up the pillows and blankets and put some classical music on the stereo. Then when I can finally pull myself out of bed, well most likely when my little Chili makes me take him for a walk… I’m off to the local bakery for warm bread – today I spoiled myself with a double hot chocolate with marshmallows. After walking, feeding the dog, I go back to bed…yes, I eat in bed. Crumbs be gone! There I spend the next two hours reading, eating and dreaming while the snowflakes swirl outside my bedroom window. The inspiring music of Vivaldi adds an exquisite elegance to the otherwise unruly scene, and I am in heaven. I found time to get in touch with myself and my life and i think this just might be a necessity! I write, play Freecell. And am content.

Now I go for my weekly hair appointment, to get pampered some more. Even treating myself to a manicure. This will now become my favorite ritual.

Right now, this moment, I am happy….sadness be gone…


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