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Fever Fate

Finally home after spending yet another day at the emergency room this year. I truly can’t wait to put this year behind me. It’s been a long weekend of fever induced pity, aches, and pangs of a better, healthier day. Thank goodness for flannel pjs, hot Tazo tea, Mami’s homemade chicken soup, and a new medicine called Tessalon…and Hallmark’s #CountdowntoChristmas. I have complete faith that this new med will work magic soon…it starts with my favorite letter = T!! 🙂

So, stuck indoors, in bed, has me watching TV…lots of it. I love this time of year and sappy Christmas movies. It definitely makes for a cuddle up and get cozy kind of week. The most recent movie I have finished watching was Hallmark’s “A Very Merry Mix-Up”. One of my favorite lines is: “Eternity is where true love exists”. Yay!! And another great line: Grandpa Charles says, “Life is about timing and timing is everything in love and loss.” It has me now thinking of timing…and fate. What is fate?? Is “fate just something people make up to explain the way things worked out”?

Is fate something that will inevitably happen in the future, that cannot be changed, where one has no control?
Is it a belief that there is a fixed, natural order to the universe? I tend to believe that fate is not as fixed as many would like. I believe many factors shape our fate or destiny, some of them are settled and some are not. I have to believe that we all have a certain scope to change our fate or destiny by our own efforts.

“Amor Fati – “Love Your Fate”, which is in fact your life.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


I used to believe that I could read people; get a keen sense of who they really are and their character. Used to be very perceptive. Well, lately, I find myself saddened by the depths of deception of people. And I didn’t see it coming. I used to be able to get a feel for some people before they even say a word. Not anymore – I second guess everything lately. Sad. I need to re-develop my right brain. Still be sympathetic but need to work on my emphatic accuracy again…I used to have that sense.

In a perfect world, you’d never judge someone until you got to know their personality inside and out — you know, the whole thing about judging a book by its cover. This is not a perfect world, however — this is a world where sometimes we need to judge the intentions of a stranger in a split second.

You only have to trust your intuition to know how the people you’re meeting from time to time will affect your fate. I am actively working on being open to the possibilities of mixing my karma with those who cross my path and who may in fact be my soul mates. But I am trying to remain optimistic as well as realistic and am no longer believe that a fireworks display will be the signal for these meetings when in fact it may be a rather quiet and simple experience.

Quietly observing….waiting…

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