About T

I am a writer, a thinker, an introvert, a dreamer, work behind the scenes kind of person – I am of Puerto Rican blood, have an Italian soul, and a Berliner mind….just learning…♥

This is my place to cast my thoughts…frivolous, painful, funny, quirky, romantic, whimsical, thoughtful and always genuine.

My story may not be unique, but I believe my journey could inspire many…learning to laugh through the tears.  I am striving to learn to live and love with a full, non-shattered heart, to always forgive, and to never lose hope even when people fail me.

Like many people, I’ve been through dark and painful moments in my life; moments I wanted to skip, moments when what I really wanted the most is to have my own time machine so I can either go back where I was happy, or fast forward anywhere in the future where I can find myself again.  *sigh*  Unfortunately, a true time machine has yet to be invented, and the only way to move from the terrible place where I stand is to continue going through the dark tunnel ahead that will lead me towards the new beginning I’m looking forward to.

Accept, challenge, patience, love, strength, don’t dwell, learn, pray, sing, dance, laugh, cry, believe…keep breathing…

This is my moment.  This my now…this is my life…I live in it, I breathe in it, I move, I dance, I skip…this is my forever…so I cry, I hope, I laugh like a child.  I look at so many things as though it is my first time, as though it will be my last.  I pray, I smile, and I love!  I am here…with grace in my step, hope in my heart.   This is my time, this is my now…this is the very moment…I BELIEVE…♥

Just saying…t xo

9 responses to “About T

  • John

    Your way with words is…extraordinary. Keep it up and I love that you recognize what is making you…you.

  • KO

    Nice Thoughts. Deep & meaningful, tasting the love, life, pain & pleasures of experience.

  • Clark Kent

    Amazing… Truly deeply rooted… 😉

  • spiritministries

    Blessings T.

    You go girl, truly, this is all we can do as we walk our journey out. We have a choice, live in the blessing of our great God, or live in despair. We know that life is to short to settle for this way. Thank God we do have a choice. You have truly encouraging words. Visit my blog some time God willing. Many blessings to you girl.

  • Harish B

    Simple, yet elegant!

  • Jim

    For someone whom I have never met personally, stumbled onto your page by what I first thought was accidental but decided to stay on and read a bit which turned into and hour or more because I could not stop. There is so much emotion that I feel when I read your words, its almost as if your soul is connected to mine. We share many experiences especially being caregivers to our parents and now realizing there will be no family for us to depend on, the loss of pets. It was like seeing my own story in text somewhat. I am gonna bookmark your page and will check back often. May God Bless you T.

    • Teresita

      Hi Jim – Thank you for stopping by. Sadly, I have been too depressed and not motivated to write. I don’t get a lot of traffic on here – mostly because I don’t market my words. But when I finally logged on and read your comment – something in me awoke. The fact that you took the time to write me and that you were touched by a piece and it resonated with you – also inspired me to write again. So many things unsaid, so many demons to slay. So thank you. Continued blessings, t

      • Jim

        Hi Teresita,
        So glad that I could be perhaps that tiny spark that sets your creative gift for writing aflame once again. I know depression also and deal with it almost daily but my faith gets me through. As a man with an empathic soul the words you write project such feeling and emotion. I will confess, that some of what I read produced tears to flow. I do believe that you and I are kindred spirits somewhat. I look forward to reading your future writings.

        Stay safe and blessed – Jim

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