I came across the below written by Lorna Evol (Charlene) and wow the words were written as if they came out of my mouth.  Such raw, strong, truthful words.  Resonates …

Once those blood ties are broken there can be no repairing it because it wasn’t worth it to them therefore it is no longer worth it to me.  I really tried but I can only be hurt so much….no more…


As she wiped the blood from her lip she smiled and said in a tone of determination, Is that all that you have? You have tried your damnedest to beat me down. I have been spit in the face by the betrayal of those close to me. I have tasted the bitterness of the bullshit of lies fed to me by those who said they loved me. You expected me to be the good girl for the sake of others, while sacrificing my own identity. I have walked through days with nothing but shreds of self dignity. Each corner I have turned I wondered what cruel ass lesson would be taught to me. You have put judgement, shame, hatred, and ridicule in your bag of shit to dump on me. Yet here I stand battered and bruised, flawed and fucked up, I am standing with my head held high. I ask again life. Is this really the best you have to BREAK ME? She stood there fists held high because she knew all her life it would be ass kicking time. – Lorna Evol


Yes I am a Survivor … each and every day!


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I am a writer, a thinker, an introvert, work behind the scenes kind of person - I am of Puerto Rican blood, have an Italian soul, and a Berliner mind....just learning...♥ View all posts by Teresita

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