Cleaning Up My Facebook…again!

This is my second attempt at cleaning up my Facebook friends list…I created FB at the insistence of family cousins, but somewhere in time, my friends list grew to include former co-workers, friends of friends, etc. Tiresome – too many posts getting lost in my newsfeed. So, today I went through my Facebook friends list again with a metaphorical machete.

I un-friended all of my co-workers, past and present. These “friends” are really a professional networking contact, and that is what LinkedIn is for.

I un-friended those acquaintances of friends that after meeting me once, wanted to be “friends”…and if they played CityVille or Farmville, I happily accepted them. But that was when I was home more, unemployed. Now who has time for all of those FV games?? Not me. So delete, delete.

I want to keep my Facebook profile for family only. We are all scattered through the States and it is a great way for them to see pictures of my dog, and all the great desserts I devour. 🙂

So, now I have reduced my friends list by about a third, making it more manageable and more meaningful to me. One last bit of advice: don’t worry too much about hurting people’s feelings. Maybe if someone is truly hurt I can always add them back. Besides, trying to ferret out who will pout and who won’t care is a guessing game that will paralyze me.



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