“The Way of Love…”

Ah to fall in love…always has the risk to lead to heartbreak.  I have fallen in love a couple of times.   It was one of the most painful and confusing experiences I have ever had. The most interesting part of the whole process, however, was falling more in love with myself. I was incredibly brave, it turns out, to have the courage to be available to someone else. Even though I lost the fantasy of what the relationship could have been, I have gained a greater appreciation for how the ability to be vulnerable generates strength. The deeper the devastation the stronger the opportunity to feel the power of love. I am so grateful to be available! The below reconfirms what I have learned…

The way of love is not
a subtle argument.
The door there
is devastation.
Birds make great sky-circles
of their freedom.
How do they learn it?
They fall, and falling,
they’re given wings.
♥ Rumi

About Teresita

I am a writer, a thinker, an introvert, work behind the scenes kind of person - I am of Puerto Rican blood, have an Italian soul, and a Berliner mind....just learning...♥ View all posts by Teresita

2 responses to ““The Way of Love…”

  • Scott Mitchell

    You have such strong and clear insight to so many things. I’m a little surprised you have not found your way out of feeling so down too often. Hmm, I just now realized I should be saying that to myself as well. I see the logic of everything around me and the heart still battles with it. God bless

  • Teresita

    Ever feel like you have no true voice? Like when you speak, you hear only the faint sound of an echo, but there is really no sound…only silence… deafening silence? My heart ribboned intro shreds…some times words, written, unspoken, are the truest whispers into our souls…

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