Happy Mothering Day!!

Sure it may be Mother’s Day but I prefer to call it Mothering Day.   I think we all have it in us to be mothering – nurturers of dreams, of beauty and of love.   I am so conflicted today.  My Mother is still alive, but I am choosing not to spend any real time with her nor with my sisters.  I am trying to remain in a good place and all my mother does is put me down.  So many of her comments to me, rip me to shreds, especially on days like this:   “Real women have children”,  “God didn’t think you were special enough to give you children”.  For years, I felt like a failure because I could not have children.  It still hurts.  But I have learned through the years that giving birth does not make someone a mother.  And I have learned that I no longer need my Mother’s approval.  I choose to no longer deal with the drama.

For years, I took to volunteering for children, tried spoiling my nieces and nephew because it filled a void in me.  The neighborhood kids love me – well mainly because of my cute Chili dog.  But I love to see the little faces light up and the things they say – wow – funny.  Sure I may have missed out on a lot by not being able to have my own child, but I know that I have been emotionally touched by so many more children and I hope I have made a difference in one.

Mother — Chef — Chauffeur — Employee — Nurse — Coach — Cheerleader — Tutor — Maid — Secretary — Friend — Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who wear many hats — which explains why we need so many shoes!  🙂
I  know so many great women, Mothers, who never fail to be kind and thoughtful, encouraging and supportive honest and generous… I have been blessed with great friends, great role models.  They have touched this world with kindness and love in everything they do.
So I am learning through them on how to be a woman who knows the secret to happiness…be proud of what you have to give, give with all your love and love with all your heart.
So Happy Mothering Day to all of you women out there, whether you have given birth or not, you are all mothers – let’s continue on this journey paved with gentleness, unwavering faith, forgiving nature, constant love and support.  I know I will….♥

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I am a writer, a thinker, an introvert, work behind the scenes kind of person - I am of Puerto Rican blood, have an Italian soul, and a Berliner mind....just learning...♥ View all posts by Teresita

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