“Forget love…I’d rather fall in chocolate!”

During my work “research” I came across this great post – tried to re-post it but didn’t know how so I am attempting to copy and paste…Where is the tech geek, now?!  *sigh*


From Neon to Goddess

Posted on May 15, 2011 by
 Sex, Art & Chocolate.

Sex as the physical manifestation of Love.
Art as the embodiment of Beauty.
Chocolate as the power of Pleasure.

Who needs more? Maybe you, but me not much more!

My neon reminds me everyday that these are the things that I thrive for.

And it is with the latter that I recently feel in love.  Yet again, I hear you say!.

Her name is Red Thalhammer and she created ANTIDOTE, a brand of Chocolate that celebrates Raw Cocoa in it’s purest form + other powerful plants “that can infuse joy, relief and strength into any situation, anywhere, for any generation.”

And it’s an wickedly good chocolate bar…

First and foremost, it tastes delicious, delightful and delectable and I’m Chocolate SNOB! I make no excuse for it but don’t ever think of giving me some sweet & milky stuff.  I literally import my own chocolate from Belgium in my suitcases each time I go home. PLEASURE!
Second, Antidote are beautifully packaged enough to be gifts: BEAUTY.

Each flavor is named after a Greek goddess. You want to know the ones I chose?
HybrisThe Goddess of Reckless Pride and Insolence, with mango and juniper berries. With her outrageaous behavior, Hybris is the antidote to fear and insecurity.
and  KakiaWicked Greek Goddess of Vice: Seductive and passionate, Kakia’s zest is the antidote to passive attitude. Her spirit comes alive with intense hibiscus flowers and andean blueberries.

I am happy to report, that whatever fears and passivity I had left are now fully dissolved. Be prepared for more fearless and bold pictures on SIF!

Why Greek goddess? Red’s answer is simple:
“Chocolate offers relief from drama.
It is a powerful treat for weak moments. Cocoa is extremely powerful and nutrient rich, which makes it a natural antidote to the stresses of everyday life. Antidote is also a remedy to low-quality chocolate that has too much sugar or milk. Cocoa has been called food of the gods. Antidote is the food of goddesses in celebration of female power.

Lastly, “Cacao releases the same hormones the body releases in response to romance, the one that makes us feel good, emotionally stable and calm. Endorphins make us feel enthusiastic and powerful.” LOVE

From neon to goddess, manifestation is quite a powerful tool and I am fulfilled!


Where to find your Antidote: http://www.antidotechoco.com/purchase.php


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