Hmmm…Randomness…my hand…heart…faith…

This has been a lazy weekend for me.  My Chili dog is not feeling well, which makes me sad, and distracts me.  I went out for a manicure yesterday, the young manicurist, kept tapping my fingers, telling me to relax.  Relax?  I thought I was relaxed.  My mind wandered.  I thought about a few things I have heard in the past about hands, fingers, hearts, etc.

God gave me five fingers for a reason. My pinky is for my best friends, and our promises that will never be broken. My ring finger is for that special someone, and proof that we will be together forever. My middle finger is for that person that pushes me too far and to show them how I feel. My pointer finger is to silence them all, to savor the moment. And my thumb is for everyone – to let them know that I’m gonna be okay!  No matter what.

I have said it before…Place your hand over your heart. Feel that?   That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up.

Hear with your heart, see with your soul, be guided by a hand that you cannot hold, trust even if you cannot see. That’s how faith must be.  Sometimes the things we can’t change, end up changing us instead.

Give me your hand, and I’ll never let go. Give me your heart, and I will hold it next to mine. Give me your attention, and I will show you my heart.   I want to find a guy who will hold my hand tightly in public, not play with my heart, and to listen when I really need someone to talk to.  It shouldn’t be so hard.

Ever wonder why people wear their wedding ring on the left hand?  Here are three main theories I have heard:

First, legend has it that there is a vein connected directly to the heart (the vena amoris) that flows there directly from the forth finger (a story refuted by sad and lonely science boffins), hence its selection as the finger of choice.

The second theory comes from medieval England where a Groom would slide the ring onto the Bride’s thumb, index finger then middle finger reciting ‘in the name of the father, son and Holy Ghost’ before finally placing it upon the next available finger.

Finally, on a more practical note, is the theory that as most people are right handed, then the fourth finger on the left hand is typically the most protected and least used of all our ten digits. Thus, the ‘ring finger’ is the safe option.

Let’s take a look at the Claddagh ring – a traditional Irish ring given as a token of friendship, love, or marriage.    Meant as hands joined in faith or hands joined in loyalty; cast in the form of two clasped hands, symbolizing faith, trust.

All these thoughts in my head…I love this quote:  “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Someone may hold my hand for a while, but they hold my heart forever.

Eye to eye, voice to voice, hand to hand, heart to heart…

Of life’s two chief prizes, beauty and truth, I found the first in a loving heart and the second in a laborer’s hand. – K. Gibran

Life…has made me a giver, my hands are held open, and so is my heart. And though there may be times when my hands are empty, my heart is always full, and I will always be able to give from my heart…♥

Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts….Charles Dickens.

When I Need You – Rod Stewart

When I need you
I just close my eyes and Im with you
And all that I so want to give you
Its only a heart beat away

When I need love
I hold out my hand and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day


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